List of Life Lessons

  1. Never make a decision emotionally.
  2. People only say the good stuffs, they never really want to tell the bad stuffs. They never really want to tell the whole truth.
  3. Check and gather much information, all the good and the bad, and also the challenges.
  4. People only can say the surface of a problem, but hard to detect the core of the problem.
  5. Do what you like/love.
  6. Never follow other’s dream. What works for them maybe does not work for you.
  7. Every person has his or her own path.
  8. Everyone look at other people perfectly where in fact deep inside there are many holes in people’s life.
  9. Forgive your past. Forgive yourself. Forgive your parent.
  10. Your past does not define your future.
  11. Take responsibilities on your action.
  12. Strengthen your core. Do not focus on the things that you are bad at.
  13. Everything was meant to be. Good or bad.
  14. Failure means life lessons. It strengthen you. It takes you to other possibilities or opportunities or you might find something about yourself.
  15. College is just a one path on your life. It does not define who you are. You still could be anything you want.
  16. Sometimes detour is good to find your root.
  17. Believe in yourself. Believe in God. He will take care the rest.
  18. Focus on what you like and what you love, the other things that come with will be taken care of by someone else in their area of expertise.
  19. Liking math does not mean liking Computer Science. They are totally different subjects.
  20. Make positive choices.
  21. Do the impossible.
  22. Push. Persist. Pursue.
  23. Strengthen your mentality.
  24. Bad grades does not meant your dumb.
  25. Everyone is a genius. But sometimes they are just not in the right path of field.
  26. Do not after the money, but always improve yourself, make a better you. Invest in yourself.
  27. Look for opportunity.
  28. People are gifted with many talents.
  29. Today’s failure does not meant tomorrow’s failure.
  30. Today’s success does not meant tomorrow’s success.
  31. Be careful of what you wish for.
  32. Be careful of what you said.
  33. Be careful of what you hate.
  34. God knows and listens what you are up to and what you are going through. He knows what is inside your mind and heart, even the smallest possible voice inside your mind, He still knows it. Even though you did not pray or believe in God, He knows it.
  35. Different people going through different stages of life. Do not compare with people lives.
  36. There is always people who don’t like in what we do. You can not make everyone happy.
  37. Never let someone enter your life when you are broken and likewise.
  38. Never marry at a young age.
  39. Never be in a relationship with someone too fast. Go take some time before deciding to be in a relationship with someone.
  40. Never buy clothes online especially from China.
  41. Think 1 or 2 times when buying something. Like will i really use this?
  42. I always ask God to teach me to be wise or to make me wise. I never knew that this is what He meant.

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