Know Me

You: “Hmmm….. why I am here? And who are you?”

Me: “I don’t know why you are here. You might be just lost or I invite you to my blog. I am just one of those people who think that their life is so much important that it has to be written. Kinda narcissistic, right?”

You: “Yeah kinda, are you one of those people who don’t have any things to do? Or you just the opposite, you think your life is fascinating that people want to read this blog?”

Me: “I think I am blessed with my life. I think this is just a need to appreciate it and understand myself more. Nothing else.”

You: “Okay, so that’s good. But still, let’s cut to the chase I still don’t know who you are.”

Me: “It does not matter right? Whether you know me or not. You might know me, you might not. You might know my name, my school, my friends, but is that important? You are not one of those nosy people right?”

You :”Of course not! Hmmm, but any details that I need to know about you, so that I could relate to your situation?”

Me: “Well okay, I am a person in her 20’s, currently in an English speaking country. That’s it.”

You: “Err…. you don’t like to reveal yourself, do you?”

Me: “Being mysterious is more fascinating, isn’t it? Hahaha. But I would reveal myself more in my posts.”

You: “Okay, nice knowing you. Even though I still do not know you.”

Me: “Yeah, yeah. Just enjoy it 😉 Hahaha. This is not weird right? That I wrote the “about” page in this style?”

You: “No not at all. You’re the writer. You can do whatever you want.”

Me: “Just as I thought.”

You: “One more question, why SociaLingua?”

Me: “Because I am a social person, and also good at linguistic (I think). Even though I am also good to think logically. I think it just personalize me. Hehehe”

You: “Well okay have fun at what you do!”

Me: ” Don’t worry, I’ll be!”

Side note:

So I try to discover myself.

So who am I as a person?

An actuator, A visioner, competitive person, A positive person, a compassionate person, shy and confident, funny, introvert most of the time, extrovert when seeing people, a self-reflective person, open minded, faithful, fun personality, a cool person, finical yet a listener, focus, strong personality, expressive, assertive, a logical person, does not care about gossip, green tea lover, mochi lover, sleep lover.


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