I was underestimated. Pushed by the end of my dignity. I humbly humbly thanks The Lord because He is given me the people to make me humble, the people who look down on me.

I need to copy his words:

Fight Back

I need to fight back whenever and wherever I am bullied, underestimated, and pushed to the bottom of my own dignityI am strong enough to stand tall facing all the challenges in front of me eventhough I keep bumping into the roadblocks

I am not afraid to dream big which will probably make me look small in others’ eyes because I know exactly who I am and what I can do

Nooone.. Nobody.. could stop me from believing in myself

If anyone read this, I want you to push yourself more
That’s what exactly I will do – Pushing myself to the limit

Let’s dream big..


Don’t Settle Until You Find Your Passion

I was reading at entrepreneur.com about an article that really do speaks my situation right now. It is about college entrepreneurs who choose to live out their passion rather than continuing on their college career that they find out they do not like.

For many of you who already know what your passion is and what you like and what kind of career you want, I say congrats! Not many of us are like those people though. Many of us have to stumble many blocks just to know what we want to do, what we like, what we are passionate about.

In the article here, there is one passage that strikes me,

it’s painful to discover that the decisions made as a 17- or 18-year-old college student don’t always continue to ring true at 21 or even 27 years old. But what do you do? Stick it out in a career that’s not your dream or pursue your real passions instead?

Yes, and today’s post is going to be about that! You can read rest of the article yourself, it is pretty interesting. 😉

And for the man who can speak about passion better than I do is this guy, Mr. Richard St. John (check it out) :

and also all the elements of success in 3 minutes:

Yes! As I want to state it again, never settle until you find your passion until you find your dream! If you find your passion, you will be successful.

How do you find passion? Well, explore many paths as the video stated. Many people already know what they love, but many successful people are SEEKERS. They do not know what they love until they fell into it.

Stuck in a major you hate? Finish that major while try to seek something that you LOVE, even though people will criticize you for not continuing on the major you’ve studied in. Remember the decision you made when you are 17 or 18 ,that you end up hating your major, does not meant that you are stuck with it. As I want to say:

Your 18 year old self does not define who you are and what you want to be in the future

A passion could be:

  1. a profession
  2. a product
  3. about people
  4. a field

As a closing, here are quotes that I love from the video:

Stress isn’t working 15 hours at a job you like, stress is working 15 minutes at a job you dislike

Do it for LOVE, not for the MONEY

If you do it for LOVE, the money comes anyway.

One more quote from the article :

“You’re going to be way more successful doing something that you love,” she says. “Sure, there are going to be hard days. But don’t settle if you’re not really happy doing what you majored in.”

So Aliens, do not stop until you find what you love, do not settle, trust your heart, your passion, people sometimes will laugh at you, will doubt you, but you will never be truly happy until you find what you LOVE.

Lastly, do you have any experience on finding your passion? What do you think? Anything that you like to share? Leave a comment!