Habermus Papam! The New Pope Has Elected

I know it has been two days since the New Holy Father was elected, but I still want to be happy about it.

Our new pope, Pope Francis I, Jorge Bergoglio is very humble!

Here are some facts about our new pope! (Taken from Buckeye Catholic)

  1.  From Argentine, Latin America (father was Italian).
  2.  Speaks Spanish.
  3. A Jesuit. First Jesuit Pope!
  4. First Non European Pope after 600 years.
  5.  Walks the walk as far as simplicity is concerned: “chose to live in a simple apartment rather than archbishop’s palace, gave up his chauffeur,” etc.
  6.  Supported “the social justice ethos of Latin American Catholicism, including robust defense of the poor.”; “kissed and washed the feet of AIDS victims”.
  7.  Has good record with Jewish leaders.
  8.  “No defender of clerical privilege and not insensitive to pastoral realities”.
  9.  Brings together developing world and developed world cultural sensibilities.
  10.  Has respect from both conservatives and moderates.