Dear God, I trust in Thee

Even though my path seems foggy,

the road is full of boulders,

and creatures try to taunt me,

but I believe that You will guide me to the light,

and use me as You please,

as You own me,

that I will wait as You promised,

for I will see that bright future,

as something You said I could never imagine,

with the One person that You’ve chosen for me,

so I might be saved under Your glory,

until the end of times when (I hope) You let me enter Your house.


Your Special Daughter


Dear Special Friend,

To A Special Friend who teaches me more about myself in a short period of time in a way others can’t:

You will always be remembered.

While I can’t promise you anything, but I promise you that I’ll be there when the time of your day is near.

And I prayed that you will be happy in your new home wherever you are.