How Dare He!!!

How Dare He!! How Dare He!!! How Dare He!!!

How Dare He Insult Me!!! How Dare He Put Me Down!!!

How Dare He Underestimated Me!!!

How Dare He Compare Me!!!

Does He Have The Capacity To Judge Other People???

Is It Money His Ultra Life Timing Goal???

How Dare He Judged Me!!!

I Have No Respect For Him.

God, please help me. Show me the way – Your way, because I cannot, and I can not decide what’s best. I simply do not know what’s going on.



I was underestimated. Pushed by the end of my dignity. I humbly humbly thanks The Lord because He is given me the people to make me humble, the people who look down on me.

I need to copy his words:

Fight Back

I need to fight back whenever and wherever I am bullied, underestimated, and pushed to the bottom of my own dignityI am strong enough to stand tall facing all the challenges in front of me eventhough I keep bumping into the roadblocks

I am not afraid to dream big which will probably make me look small in others’ eyes because I know exactly who I am and what I can do

Nooone.. Nobody.. could stop me from believing in myself

If anyone read this, I want you to push yourself more
That’s what exactly I will do – Pushing myself to the limit

Let’s dream big..

Especially For You

I wanna let You know what I was goin’ through
All the time we were apart I thought of You
You were in my heart
My love never changed…
I still feel the same

Especially For You…

I wanna tell You that I was feeling that way too
And if dreams were wings.. You know … I would have flown to You
To be where You are
No matter how far

Freshman Year

That energy,

That vigor,

That excitement,

That expectations,

That curiosity,

That confidence,

That pride,

That hope.

that loneliness,

that emotional feeling,

that no sense of direction,

that emotional attitude,

that rebelliousness,

that non -understandable to oneself,

AND that reckless decision.