The Lists of The One You’re Searching For

Okay, okay in this post it will not be my original idea, but I decided to do it anyway because my friends are curious and asking that I share it. I think it is a good thing for all you singles out there! Hehehehe. 😉

So my good friends, Al.Ali and H.K.,  handed me a book one day in which to my surprise entitled “HOW TO FIND YOUR ONE TRUE LOVE BOOK 2”, and then continues “The Complete Course Manual on How To Attract, Choose and Marry the Partner of Your Dreams” written by Bo Sanchez (an incredible speaker and life coach). I was like “WOAA!! Do I need this?” Well I accepted it anyway because they were giving it to me for free!

There are many sections in this book, but the one that I will share and will apply to most of you is this section:


So let’s get into deep. B)

In looking for “The One”, there are four lists that you must consider. The four lists are:

1. The Non-Negotiable List
2. Must-Have List
3. Must-Not-Have List
4. Wish List
Let’s start with The Non-Negotiable List. These are the list that are non negotiable. Cannot be compromised and between life and death!
1. He must take responsibility for his life.
2. He must be free from serious addictions.
3. He must be emotionally healthy. Emotionally healthy meaning that:

  1. He knows and acknowledge his weakness.
  2. He has the capacity for loving someone else other than himself.

4.  He must earn enough to start a family.
5. He must be morally upright.
6. He must be spiritually committed.
7. He must love his own family.

If your girlfriend or boyfriend violate even one in any of those rules, break up now! Even the reason like “BUT I LOVE HIM/HER”, cannot be taken into account!

The Must-Have List. This list is very personal and can differ for each person, and they can be compromised even if you put a “MUST”, unlike the Non-Negotiable List. Here you can list of personal characters or traits of someone. So here is just an example of a Must-Have List invented by moi:

  1. He must be smarter than me.
  2. He must be hard working.
  3. Wise
  4. A good debater.
  5. A good leader.
  6. Compassion
  7. Disciplined
  8. Playful and youthful
  9. etc etc until 10.

The Must-Have-Not List. You are going to live with this person from getting up and sleeping again. What can’t you stand of? What are the negative traits that you don’t like? This is just an example of my list:

  1. I cannot be with a sensitive person!
  2. If he likes to curse and use bad language.
  3. If he is racist.
  4. Dirty.
  5. etc etc until 10!

The Wish List. This are the list that are nice to have but not so important and it seems like a bonus. Here are just an example of my wish list:

  1. Funny
  2. A good cook
  3. A good singer
  4. etc etc until 10

So there you have it, all the list that you need to know in finding the One! Hehehehe. 😉

Thank you again Al.Ali and H.K. for the book, much appreciated!