I.Must.Resist : Envying

Things that I Must Resist:

  1. I must resist envying other people

Well basically that is the only one thing that I must resist.

Envying on other people’s life means not being grateful to oneself. It is hard to do, it is hard not envying on others. I envy on people who I feel “better” than me.  Well maybe it is hard to explain what “better” means.

The thing is:

I don’t envy people who are smarter than me.

I don’t envy people who are prettier than me.

I don’t envy people who are richer than me.

But I envy on the people WHO GOT IT ALL or the people who does not got it all but in a POSITION THAT I WANT.

People who got it all are the people who are born with good looks, a sharp brain, and born in a wealthy family. They are so lucky. They can achieve all 3 things that are better than me.

But I should not envy on them (well I will try), because:

1. Good looks

Good looks are relative and it is God given. I cannot blame people who have good looks.

2. Sharp brain

It is also God given. I know those people make an effort to succeed in their life. So it is both God given and man’s works.

3. Wealth

We cannot choose where we are born, and I must always remember that it is their parent who are rich, not them.

Okay, once again I must say that I still envy those people, because those people have better opportunity than most people. They are more likely go to the top schools, well I think that the thing that I am envying is that those people can have better life than most average people. THE “I WANT TO BE IN THEIR POSITION” type of envy. The “If I Could Be Like Them, My Life Would Be So Much Wonderful” type of envy. Maybe it is because I see it as an unfairness. It is unfair that some people could HAVE IT ALL. Why does those people could have it all? Why are they born so lucky?

And if I see myself, would people think I am also lucky? Would there be people who also envying on me? I don’t know. I think it is human nature that we want the best for our life. We want to have a perfect life. That we simply want the best for ourselves. That we see others as competition.



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