That Exact Personality & That Exact List

Okay, a couple of days ago I posted about The Lists of The One You’re Searching For , and also That One Thing … , I pretty much understand myself clearly now after I reflected my life and also thinking again about those two topics.

In Admiration or Compatibility Part 1 , people asked me about the kind of guy I like and when I was writing that I pretty much have a broad understanding of what the kind of guy I like, but now I pretty much have an exact answer to that question.

So this will be my answer on the One Thing I am looking for :

“The guy that I am looking for, have to have a fun, youthful, playful, happy, funny personality.”

That’s it. I am only attracted to that kind of person and I can’t be attracted to a person who don’t have this kind of personality even though he has other “great” personalities (smart, kind, religious, sporty, a musician, etc.).

The reason behind why I am only attracted to that kind of specific personality is because I identify myself with also that personality, or I can say that that is my strongest personality. Taken that into knowledge, so I am very sensitive with a person who genuinely have that personality. When I say genuinely, I mean that that is his strongest personality.

The reasons of why I concluded “that personality” are:
1. I was grown up with a family full of “Jesters”. My two brothers and my mom are the funniest people that I know besides known comedians. My brothers and I, we can laugh the whole night until 2 am exchanging jokes. We can tease each other and laugh about it. We can play together like kids even though all of us are out of high school. We are very expressive, fun, and funny at the same time. When my brothers were out of the house, I usually tease and joke around with my mom targeting my dad. I have a really unusual relationship with my parents. I really really can tease my dad (tag teaming with my mom) and we are just okay with it. This is the major or main reason of why I am attracted to that kind of personality, because most of my life I spend with that kind of atmosphere in my home.
2. I have the best time of my life in the eight grade. I love the eight grade, my friends are the best! Up until now we are still close and can remember of how great it was when we were in the eight grade. My friends are very fun, we were jokers, we used to laugh, make fun of and tease each other a lot. I remember how I can laugh insanely loud when I was in the eight grade. It was the best time! It was the greatest group of friends that I never could imagine of. Not any other group of friends that can replace my eight grade group of friends. We were fun, funny, and happy people.
3. I know that I have a lot of good friends, best friends, etc. and I know that I can mingle with a lot of different personalities, but somehow I just know that I feel convenient and I can get close fast with one specific particular personality that my friend has. My best friend from high school ( a girl btw) and I still used to chat and tell each other stories even though we are not at the same college and country. Somehow we still contact each other and can feel close when in fact I lost contact with other of my good friends. I just realize because somehow she also has that kind of personality that I am looking for. This make me think as an evidence that I can go in the long run with a person with this kind of personality.

When I spot someone with this kind of personality somehow I just kind of “knew it”. I don’t know why but I feel this kind of strange familiarity. I feel like that person can “completes” me, that we can compliment each other. I feel like I am very drawn to that person and it is very very easy to communicate with that person. It is very strange but somehow we can be close in a very short period of time. In just a couple of hours!

I realize that subconsciously I am looking for a person that has an atmosphere like my family, my eight grade friends, and my high school friend. The atmosphere where I feel most content and convenient that somehow feels like an ecstasy because I am happiest and comfortably just be myself around those kind of people.
I also realize that if I want to spend my entire life with one person, that person got to have “that kind of personality”, because my entire life I was brought up in that kind of atmosphere within my family so I just cannot imagine to live with a person who don’t have that personality, I rather be single than choosing less.

Usually people who genuinely have this kind of personality have this traits:
1. They love karaoke.
2. They love dancing.
3. They are funny.
4. They love theme parks.
5. They are positive people.
6. They are playful.
7. They are not shy.
8. They seem to be always happy.
9. They can be teased and do not get mad.
10. They also can tease people.
11. They are energetic.

With that, I also want to add my Must-Have List :
1. Fun, youthful, playful, happy, funny personality
2. Smart (I like to engage in a debate so that person has to be smart)
3. Confident
4. Outgoing
5. Mature
6. A leader
7. Assertive
8. Have principles
9. Competitive
10. In the same religion
11. Open minded
12. Responsible
13. Positive

My Must Not Have List :
1. Sensitive
2. Talks bad words
3. Reserved
4. Childish/ A mama’s boy
5. Not expressive
6. Indecisive
7. Racist
8. Close minded
9. Stubborn
10. Smoker
11. Smoking pot/weed
12. Alcoholic

Somehow people do not know what they are looking for and they try with so many people until they know what they are looking for. But it is just simply knowing what kind of person you can really be best friends with. In looking for a partner in life, it is just the same way as being a best friend with someone. In all your life I know that there must be someone in the same sex that somehow you manage can be best friends with for a long time and you feel comfortable with that person, it is just the same way with finding compatibility with the opposite sex.

I hope you Aliens found something that you can learn from here. This is my story. What’s your story?



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